Jan 26, 2017

On casinos, Osaka moves forward as Yokohama steps back


As a Liberal Democratic Party team tasked with recommending policies for casino resorts met this week, leaders in Osaka and Yokohama displayed opposite reactions to the prospect of hosting such facilities. On Wednesday, an LDP group began discussing a blueprint for the construction and ...

Dec 26, 2016

Law legalizing casino gambling in Japan takes effect

A law allowing casino gambling took effect Monday, prompting the government to promote the creation of “integrated resorts” that include hotels and other entertainment facilities. The law, sponsored by a group of lawmakers mainly from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, created controversy due to ...

Dec 24, 2016

F.A. alleges Barton made 1,260 bets

The controversial soccer player Joey Barton is alleged to have placed over 1,000 football bets over a 10-year period and has been charged with misconduct by the Football Association. The 34-year-old Barton, who is due to rejoin Burnley after his departure from the Glasgow ...