| Sep 30, 2015

Dollar edges up above ¥120 in Tokyo

The dollar edged up above ¥120 in Tokyo trading on Wednesday, with its topside limited ahead of key U.S. economic events this week. At 5 p.m., the dollar stood at ¥120.02-02, up from ¥119.84-85 at the same time Tuesday. The euro was at $1.1229-1230, ...

Aug 15, 2015

Greece's euro partners approve billions in new loans

Finance ministers of the 19-nation euro currency group on Friday approved the first €26 billion ($29 billion) of a vast new bailout package to help rebuild Greece’s shattered economy. The approval came after Greece’s parliament passed a slew of painful reforms and spending cuts ...

'Surreptitious' Grexit plan not so secret after Varoufakis slip

Jul 28, 2015

'Surreptitious' Grexit plan not so secret after Varoufakis slip

Yanis Varoufakis divulged the details on how Greece could sneak out of the euro “without telling anyone” in a conference call released Monday. With a plan to secretly append a new bank account to each citizen or company’s tax number, Greek officials war-gamed the ...

| Jul 10, 2015

Orderly 'Grexit' poses a puzzle for lawyers

A “Grexit” on Sunday? Not so fast, say the lawyers. Even if creditors pull the plug, Greece will remain legally part of the eurozone on Monday. It could hang on in a half-out, half-in state indefinitely, creating legal murk for businesses and adding to ...

How Greece might switch back to the drachma

Jul 9, 2015

How Greece might switch back to the drachma


With each day, the likelihood is growing that Greece’s financial catastrophe will force it out of the euro currency alliance and compel it to restore its old currency, the drachma. It won’t be simple. Even in a computer age, issuing a new national currency ...