May 10, 2016

Japan's national debt climbs to a dizzying ¥1,049.37 trillion

Central government debt stood at ¥1,049.37 trillion — or just over 1 quadrillion — at the end of March, up ¥4.78 trillion from three months earlier, the Finance Ministry said Tuesday. The growing debt reflects a lack of financial resources amid ballooning social security ...

Debt-laden companies imperil China's growth

Feb 29, 2016

Debt-laden companies imperil China's growth

China is not just contending with falling stocks, a plunging currency and a slowing economy. It has vampire trouble, too. The Chinese economy is pock-marked with companies that cannot pay their bills and survive only with government help. Jiangshi, the Chinese call them — ...

Dec 6, 2015

Greece passes 'tough' austerity-extending 2016 budget

Greek lawmakers approved a “tough” 2016 budget early Sunday, forecasting near zero growth for 2015 and a small contraction next year for the debt-ridden country in its sixth year of austerity. The coalition government, which enjoys a narrow majority, managed to push the budget ...