Shimada Kenji: Scholar, Thinker, Reader

Feb 28, 2015

Shimada Kenji: Scholar, Thinker, Reader

by Ocean Gibson

Shimada Kenji, a Japanese scholar of China’s intellectual history who died in 2000, is endearingly represented in this short, incisive and, at times, personal book. In bringing together examples of Kenji’s writing with an interview and other critical texts, it provides a comprehensive, albeit ...

| Nov 16, 2013

Japan's 'world of peace' sold out to mammon

by Michael Hoffman

Suppose Confucianism had prevailed? We’d have “rites and music” instead of law; filial piety instead of democracy and free-market capitalism. The ruler would radiate paternal benevolence and we, his subject-children, would respond with respect and obedience. Would we be worse off? Most people would ...