May 15, 2016

U.K. paper says CIA operative's tip-off led to Mandela's 1962 arrest

A tip from a CIA spy to authorities in apartheid-era South Africa led to Nelson Mandela’s 1962 arrest, beginning the late leader’s 27 years behind bars, an article in the Sunday Times reported.The newspaper cited comments reportedly made by Donald Rickard, a former U.S. ...

Kerry backs off Israel 'apartheid' remark

/ Apr 29, 2014

Kerry backs off Israel 'apartheid' remark

Secretary of State John Kerry says he chose the wrong word in describing Israel’s potential future after coming under withering criticism for saying the Jewish state could become an “apartheid state” if it doesn’t reach a peace deal with the Palestinians.In a statement released ...

Dec 9, 2013

A 20th-century hero and icon

Nelson Mandela's life was a testimony to the need to put aside the anger and desire for vengeance to which one may feel rightfully entitled and to embrace the very best in humanity, regardless of race.