Dec 21, 2014

ISS crew gets new ratchet

In a first, the crew of the International Space Station was able to craft a new tool in space using their specially designed Zero-G 3-D printer and a design emailed from the ground. The tool, a ratchet, was designed by Made in Space, the ...

Oct 2, 2014

Desktop device that can make key gun part goes on sale in U.S.

The creator of the world’s first 3-D plastic handgun unveiled Wednesday his latest invention: a pre-programmed milling machine that enables anyone to easily make the core component of a semi-automatic rifle. Within a matter of hours, libertarian Cody Wilson of Austin, Texas, had collected ...

Haitian orphan gets 3-D printed prosthesis

May 14, 2014

Haitian orphan gets 3-D printed prosthesis

A 12-year-old orphan boy handicapped from birth became the first recipient of a prosthesis made with a 3-D printer in Haiti last month, thanks to a British software engineer in California and a South African amputee. Born without fingers on either hand, Stevenson Joseph ...

3-D printing set to break out of mold

Jan 12, 2014

3-D printing set to break out of mold

Some of the oddest items on display this past week at the International CES gadget show were edible, origami-like sculptures made of sugar, their shapes so convoluted as to baffle the eye. The treats were just one of many signs that we will all ...