Sep 28, 2015

Zero applicants for Japan plan to promote women to senior posts

Not one Japanese company applied for a subsidy program aimed at promoting more women to senior jobs, an official said Monday, an embarrassing blow for Tokyo’s push to boost the economy by better utilizing female workers. Hundreds of firms had been expected to apply ...

In speech, pope tries to balance U.S. debate on religious liberty

Sep 27, 2015

In speech, pope tries to balance U.S. debate on religious liberty


On a stage set for a blockbuster papal endorsement of the American bishops’ religious liberty battle, Pope Francis didn’t deliver. He side-stepped the bishops’ most burning religious-freedom issue — marriage — and spent more time greeting immigrants. With Independence Hall as his backdrop, where ...

Sep 26, 2015

Companies working to boost women's role in the workplace

Japanese businesses are working on measures to support child care for employees and promote the role of women in the workplace, in line with a new law that requires them to compile related action programs. Initiatives to foster a working environment friendly to female ...

Sep 24, 2015

Dane accused of storing genitalia blames estranged wife

A man accused of storing female genitalia in his freezer in South Africa told a Danish newspaper that the 21 pieces of mutilated flesh belong to his estranged wife. The man, a Danish citizen living in South Africa, dismissed the accusations against him as ...