Jun 1, 2016

1948 robbery-mass murder still far from being solved

On Jan. 26, 1948, a man claiming to be a public health official walked into a branch of Teikoku Ginko (Imperial Bank) in Tokyo’s Shiinamachi district and told 16 clerks and customers dysentery had broken out in the neighborhood. He told them to drink ...

Mar 15, 2016

Nigerian's theft case sent back to lower court

The Osaka High Court on Tuesday decided to send a robbery case involving a Nigerian man who was sentenced to six years in prison back to a lower court. The 39-year-old man, who has already served his prison sentence, made an appeal for retrial ...

TV Asahi gets 'The Scoop' on false convictions

| Nov 7, 2015

TV Asahi gets 'The Scoop' on false convictions


Last week the Tokyo Shimbun ran an article about Keiko Aoki and Tatsuhiro Boku, the couple convicted of murdering Aoki’s 11-year-old daughter in 1995 and sentenced to life in prison. The upcoming retrial, which will likely reverse the guilty verdict, may reveal that the ...