Aug 12, 2014

Ship rescues three stranded in rough seas off Hawaii

A container ship crew on Monday rescued three people who had been stranded in a sailboat off the Hawaiian islands for about 24 hours as Hurricane Julio battered their vessel with high winds and giant waves. The sailors were pulled aboard the container ship ...

Hawaii stocks up on water as two major storms loom

Aug 6, 2014

Hawaii stocks up on water as two major storms loom

Hawaii residents loaded up on bottled water and canned meat Tuesday in preparation for the unusual threat of a hurricane and tropical storm barreling toward the islands. Two big storms so close together in the Eastern Pacific are rare but not unexpected in years ...

Jul 31, 2014

Japan practices amphibious landing in Hawaii

Japan has been practicing storming beaches with the U.S. and other countries in Hawaii this month. The amphibious landing exercises, which are relatively new to Japan’s military, come as Tokyo tries to boost its ability to defend small islands it controls but China claims ...

China gives rare glimpse at naval ships

Jul 7, 2014

China gives rare glimpse at naval ships

China gave Western journalists a rare look aboard two People’s Liberation Army vessels Saturday during the Rim of the Pacific naval exercises in Hawaii, showcasing a hospital ship with complex medical facilities and a destroyer flying U.S. and Chinese flags. China is participating for ...

Jun 20, 2014

Volcanic beast begins to stir anew in Hawaii

Mauna Loa, the world’s largest active volcano, has rumbled back to life in Hawaii over the past 13 months with more seismic activity than at any time since its last eruption, scientists say, while calling it too soon to predict another blast. The volcano, ...

Dancing the praises of a Hawaiian lifestyle

Jun 19, 2014

Dancing the praises of a Hawaiian lifestyle

by Sei Dickinson

Whether it’s the beautiful flowers, the music or the gentle moves that promise women a flat stomach, hula, the traditional dance of Hawaii, has found international appeal. Hula Lehua, a clothes brand bringing Hawaiian fashion to Japan, cashes in on the popularity of hula, ...

Hula into the long weekend

May 1, 2014

Hula into the long weekend

by Daisuke Kikuchi

Hawaiian culture experienced a bit of a boost recently as the denizens of Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku neighborhood began snacking on the U.S. island’s foods. Not to be outdone, Osaka will be hosting a three-day festival this weekend, which should get Golden Week off to ...