Nov 21, 2014

SEC halts trading in four firms tied to Ebola cure scams

U.S. regulators on Thursday suspended trading in four small over-the-counter stocks of companies that they said have been touting the development of products to prevent or treat the Ebola virus, and warned investors to beware of similar scams. The Securities and Exchange Commission said ...

Creative crooks stay one step ahead

| Nov 15, 2014

Creative crooks stay one step ahead

by Mark Schreiber

The “Ore, ore” (“It’s me”) fraudsters and their ilk, who telephone elderly people and pretend to be a relative in need of money to help them out of a jam, keep coming up with new scams. One might say Japan is a target-rich environment. ...

Global banks fined billions for rigging market

Nov 13, 2014

Global banks fined billions for rigging market

Traders with nicknames like the “Three Musketeers” and the “A-Team” plotted over Internet chat rooms to manipulate currency markets for years, profiting at the expense of clients — and then congratulating themselves for their brilliance — regulators said Wednesday, as they fined five banks ...

Nov 12, 2014

Rola's father indicted over medical benefit fraud

Japanese prosecutors charged the father of fashion model and TV personality Rola for fraud involving medical benefits on Wednesday. According to the indictment, Bangladeshi national Jurip Al-Asa, 54, swindled the municipal government of Tama in western Tokyo out of around ¥980,000 (about $8,500) in ...

Oct 29, 2014

'Let him jump,' Chinese say over scam involving suicide

A Chinese man has staged repeated suicide attempts to extort cash, reports said Wednesday, provoking some online commentators to applaud his business acumen, while others called on him to jump to his death. The 47-year-old, surnamed Li, was pictured on different sets of scaffolding ...

Oct 23, 2014

U.K. man faked coma for 2 years to avoid court

He might have got away with it if it hadn’t been for his supermarket loyalty card. A British fraudster who pretended to be quadriplegic and sometimes comatose for two years to avoid prosecution has been convicted after police caught him on camera driving and ...

Sep 25, 2014

Medical records are worth more to hackers than credit cards

A person’s medical information can be worth 10 times more than a credit card number on the black market. Last month, the FBI warned health care providers to guard against cyberattacks after one of the largest U.S. hospital operators, Community Health Systems Inc., said ...

Sep 21, 2014

China says it 'persuaded' 88 fugitives to return from abroad

China’s police ministry on Sunday said 88 fugitives wanted on charges of corruption and other economic offenses have been extradited or returned on their own from the United States and other countries in the midst of an anti-graft crackdown. One fugitive spent 14 years ...