North Korean defector criticizes China in rare Beijing talk

Mar 27, 2016

North Korean defector criticizes China in rare Beijing talk

A North Korean defector made a rare public appearance in China on Saturday, criticizing Beijing’s repatriation of asylum seekers despite alleged warnings from South Korea not to speak out. Hyeonseo Lee, who escaped from North Korea to China in 1997, called on Beijing to ...

Mar 1, 2016

Dutch ID 30 war crimes suspects among thousands of '15 refugee arrivals

Dutch officials have identified 30 war crimes suspects, including 10 Syrians, among tens of thousands of asylum-seekers who arrived in the country last year, the justice ministry said Monday. Immigration authorities found the 30 after investigating 170 people, Deputy Justice Minister Klaas Dijkhoff told ...

Jan 7, 2016

German minister says deportations possible in Cologne case

Asylum seekers could be deported if they’re found to have participated in a string of New Year’s sexual assaults in Cologne, Germany’s justice minister said Thursday. Police say witnesses have described the perpetrators as being of “Arab or North African origin,” but there’s little ...