Jan 13, 2017

Scientists activate predatory 'kill switch' in mice

U.S. scientists have ramped up predatory behavior in mice by stimulating a region of the brain known for its role in emotions like fear and pleasure, according to a study published Thursday. The experiment turned the lab mice into eating machines, vigorously attacking food, ...

Dec 29, 2016

Russia opens criminal case after bear's killing causes outcry

Russian investigators said on Wednesday they had opened a criminal case into a group of men who filmed themselves crushing a bear to death by repeatedly driving over it in off-road vehicles in the Siberian tundra. A video posted on YouTube on Monday, apparently ...

Swat team: Scientists track huge number of flying bugs

Dec 27, 2016

Swat team: Scientists track huge number of flying bugs

Counting the number of bugs whizzing high overhead annually may seem all but impossible, but researchers in Britain have completed the most comprehensive tally ever conducted. And the head count they came up with was almost un-bee-lievable. A total of 3.5 trillion insects weighing ...

Oldest gorilla in America turns 60

Dec 22, 2016

Oldest gorilla in America turns 60

She is a mother of three, grandmother of 16, great-grandmother of 12 and great-great-grandmother of three. She recently had surgery to remove a malignant tumor, but doctors say she’s doing well. She’s Colo, the nation’s oldest living gorilla, and she’s turning 60 on Thursday ...