Mar 27, 2015

'Racist' cupcakes banned from French shop window

A French court has banned the display of cupcakes topped with the naked figures of a man and woman wrought in dark chocolate in a pastry shop near Nice after a watchdog described them as “racist.” The “God” and “Goddess” cupcakes — which have ...

Mar 27, 2015

Indian village bans kissing in public

An Indian village in a western coastal state has imposed a ban on couples kissing in public, claiming the sight of such “obscene” behavior is unwanted by local residents. The village parliament of Salvador-de-Mundo, 8 miles (13 km) north of Goa’s capital, Panaji, unanimously ...

Google's Blogger reverses porn policy after user backlash

Feb 28, 2015

Google's Blogger reverses porn policy after user backlash

Apparently Google bloggers like to post porn. A lot. Just three days after saying sexually explicit material would be banned from public Blogger forum sites, Google is backing down. Faced with “a ton of feedback,” Google said Friday that it instead will “step up ...

Feb 26, 2015

South Korea court says adultery law is unconstitutional

South Korea’s Constitutional Court on Thursday struck down a controversial law outlawing adultery and threatening violators with jail. It marked the fifth time in 25 years that the court had considered the constitutionality of a 1953 statute which made South Korea one of the ...

In citadel of romance, Parisians flock to libertine sex clubs

Feb 20, 2015

In citadel of romance, Parisians flock to libertine sex clubs

It’s Valentine’s Day in the world’s most romantic capital and as some couples cozy up in restaurants around Paris, others furtively slip through a purple tinted door for a night of sexual titillation at a libertine club. One by one, accountants, engineers, businessmen and ...

Feb 13, 2015

Big condoms partly to blame for Thai teen STD spike: junta

Thai health officials Thursday said teenagers who are too embarrassed to choose condoms that fit are partly to blame for a recent spike in sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among their peers. In a statement ahead of Valentine’s Day — a time when Thai officials ...