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Apr 27, 2015

Writedowns put Japan's trading houses in tough spot

The country’s top five trading houses have announced more than ¥570 billion in asset writedowns, or about half the net income the firms expect to report for last year. And that’s probably not the end of it. “It’d be no surprise” to see Mitsui ...

Return of Fukushima elderly gives preview of future

| Mar 15, 2015

Return of Fukushima elderly gives preview of future

The nation honored its dead last week from the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Tohoku’s Pacific coastline on March 11 four years ago. For those who have spent those years helping survivors in Tohoku, the experience has thrown up the challenge of how to ...

Dec 9, 2014

Tokyo may fail Olympic sustainability vow, activists say

Tokyo risks falling down on its pledge to stage an environmentally sustainable 2020 Olympics due to the import of illegally felled timber from Southeast Asia, activist group Global Witness said. Some of Japan’s biggest construction companies buy plywood from Borneo, where the rain forest ...

Jun 13, 2014

Japan needs tougher laws to end illegal timber imports, NGO says

Japan, the world’s fourth-largest buyer of timber products, needs to introduce laws and stricter oversight to stamp out imports of illegally logged wood, according to the activist group Environmental Investigation Agency. The country’s laws do not require private buyers of foreign timber to ensure ...

Reactors still feared despite new rules

Mar 11, 2014

Reactors still feared despite new rules

The cost of restarting Japan’s nuclear power plants: ¥1.3 trillion and counting. That is the amount power companies have committed so far on thousands of tons of reinforced concrete and steel, armies of workers, tsunami walls and seismic tests. It has all been to ...

Nuke 'black box' needed: investigator

Dec 10, 2013

Nuke 'black box' needed: investigator

The global nuclear power industry needs to share cross-border information to prevent accidents, replicating the transparency of international air traffic control, according to the head of an investigation into the disaster at Fukushima No. 1.

'Abenomics' needs more Thatcher: Marubeni chief

Jul 19, 2013

'Abenomics' needs more Thatcher: Marubeni chief

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe should adopt policies similar to those used by former U.K. leader Margaret Thatcher to bring the world’s third-largest economy out of its “lost decades” funk, says Marubeni Corp. Chairman Teruo Asada. From a recession in 1981, the United Kingdom went ...