Sin-ming Shaw

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Above all, Hong Kong wants good governance

/ Oct 28, 2014

Above all, Hong Kong wants good governance

Rather than demands for democracy, the recent massive public demonstrations by students and young members of Hong Kong's middle class are actually about poor governance by a succession of leaders who were picked by China's central government more for their loyalty than for their ...

/ Dec 31, 2013

Thai opposition prepares a silent coup d'état

The sense that Thailand has seen extreme partisan politics played out in the streets before would be mildly reassuring were it not for a nagging fear that this decent and prosperous society may be set to destroy its democracy.

Oct 18, 2011

Economic trouble in China

The decision of China's sovereign wealth fund to buy shares of four of the country's biggest banks is a warning signal. The move to prop up the plummeting value of those institutions is intended to boost confidence; instead, it has highlighted the many unknowns ...

Apr 24, 2011

Will postquake recovery lead to a new Japan?

The March 11 Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and tsunami left some 27,000 people dead or missing and caused an estimated ¥25 trillion in economic devastation along the northeastern Pacific coastal areas. And the accidents at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant caused ...

/ Mar 4, 2011

Justifying an intervention in Libya for justice' sake

MELBOURNE — The world has watched in horror as Libya's Colonel Moammar Gadhafi uses his military to attack protesters opposed to his rule, killing hundreds or possibly thousands of unarmed civilians. Many of his own men have refused to fire on their own people, instead ...

/ Jan 12, 2011

Take a new tack on Iran

WASHINGTON — Throughout 2010, the pattern for negotiations over Iran's nuclear program held to form. With just about every diplomatic effort failing to yield results, international efforts had increasingly given way to discussions about sanctions — and what mix of them would be needed ...

Dec 26, 2010

New START to arms control

The New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) has won ratification in the U.S. Senate, passing by a 71-26 vote. Ratification is a victory for President Barack Obama, those who seek a world with fewer nuclear threats as well as proponents of a constructive U.S.-Russia ...

Jun 18, 2010

High achiever back on Earth

Japan's unmanned space probe Hayabusa (peregrine falcon) returned from a seven-year, 6-billion-kilometer trip to the asteroid Itokawa. Although its main body burned up while re-entering Earth's atmosphere, a capsule released from it landed in the desert near Woomera in southern Australia on the night ...