Chida’s wife gives up luxury home


Anita Alvarado, the Chilean wife of a former Aomori accountant mired in an embezzlement case, surrendered her luxury home on the outskirts of Santiago on Tuesday, according to Chilean media reports.

The reports said Alvarado’s surrender of her luxurious residence in Chichureo came just before the court would have forced her out Wednesday following an eviction request by a businessman who bought the property in a court auction.

Alvarado’s husband, Yuji Chida, 45, is standing trial for embezzling 1.45 billion yen from Aomori Prefectural Housing Supply Public Corp. over a number of years. Chida has admitted to the charges and said he gave Alvarado most of the money.

The corporation has been trying to reclaim the money from Alvarado, who maintains she had no idea the money was illegally obtained.

According to the reports, Alvarado, 29, will be staying at her younger sister’s house for several days before moving to a flat in an upscale residential area in Santiago. They said she has expressed her intention to recover the ownership of the residence.

Alvarado sought to nullify the auction and delay the eviction. She was initially scheduled to surrender the property Sept. 30.

The luxurious residence — the largest of her properties — was auctioned for 450 million pesos (about 74 million yen) in late August.