Profiles of five surviving abductees in North Korea

Following are profiles of the five Japanese nationals abducted to North Korea in the late 1970s who Pyongyang has confirmed are alive:

* Hitomi Soga,43. Abducted Aug. 12, 1978, while a nursing assistant at a hospital on Sado Island, Niigata Prefecture. Kidnapped together with her mother, Miyoshi, 46 at the time, as they walked home after shopping in the neighborhood.

Taken to Pyongyang to serve as a Japanese-language instructor. North Korean agents also sought to use her identity. Studied the Korean language.

Her mother’s whereabouts are unknown.

On Aug. 8, 1980, married former U.S. soldier Charles Robert Jenkins, who defected to North Korea in 1965. The couple have two daughters, 19 and 17, both studying at Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies.

Initially lived with Megumi Yokota, one of the eight abductees Pyongyang reported as dead, at a spy-training facility in North Korea. Told a recent government fact-finding mission she wants to see her father and younger sister.

* Yasushi Chimura, 47. Abducted together with Fukie Hamamoto on July 7, 1978, from an observation deck in Obama, Fukui Prefecture. The couple were bound and stuffed into sacks before being taken to a spy-training facility in Pyongyang.

Both were abducted to teach the Japanese language. Chimura lived apart from Hamamoto for a year and four months. North Korea told him it needed young Japanese to stage a North Korean revolution.

The couple were later reunited, and married on Nov. 25, 1979. They live in Pyongyang.

Chimura works as a translator in the documents division of the institute of ethnology at the Academy of Social Sciences in Pyongyang under the Korean name O Song Sam.

Their daughter, O Kyong Ae, is a student at Kim Hyong-Jik University of Education in Pyongyang. Their eldest son, O Kyong Sok, is a student at Pyongyang University of Mechanical Engineering and their youngest son, O Kyong Ho, is a junior high school student.

* Fukie Hamamoto, 47. Abducted in July 1978 together with Chimura. North Korea told her Chimura returned to Japan. A local instructor proposed marriage but she refused. Bided her time reading. Reunited with Chimura and married him.

Transferred to the facility where Chimura lived.

Known by Korean name Ri Yong Ok. Lives as an unemployed dependent of Chimura.

* Kaoru Hasuike, 45. Abducted July 31, 1978, while a third-year student at Chuo University. Kidnapped by North Korean agents in Kashiwazaki, Niigata Prefecture, together with girlfriend Yukiko Okudo.

Both taken to North Korea to teach the Japanese language to North Korean agents.

The couple married May 15, 1980. They live in Pyongyang and have a son in college.

Hasuike is a translator in the documents division of the institute of ethnology at the Academy of Social Sciences in Pyongyang. He goes by the Korean name Pak Sun Chol.

Told a Japanese government fact-finding mission he wants to see his parents.

* Yukiko Okudo, 46. Abducted July 31, 1978, together with Hasuike. North Korean agents put the couple in sacks and took them to North Korea by ship.

Worked in a cosmetics firm. Okudo is known as Kim Kum Sil and lives as an unemployed dependent of Hasuike. Their son, Pak Ki Hyok, studies at a computer college.