Hiromitsu Chifuri

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Jakarta tiptoes around issue of gas-rich islets

Aug 26, 2014

Jakarta tiptoes around issue of gas-rich islets

The word “sleepy” could have been invented for Ranai, the largest town in Indonesia’s remote and sparsely populated Natuna archipelago. It has few cars and only two sets of traffic lights. The cloud-wreathed mountain looming over it resembles a slumbering volcano. Nearby beaches lie ...

| Jun 10, 2014

Appeal for Serbian flood relief aid

In the wake of the recent floods and heavy rainfall in Serbia, donations, which can be made at the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Tokyo, are being sought. Since March, Serbia has been hit by heavy rain, which caused flooding in many ...

Aomori Airport’s Snow Removal Team: 'White Impulse'

Mar 24, 2014

Aomori Airport’s Snow Removal Team: “White Impulse”

When we arrive at AomoriAirport’s terminal building to meet with the airport director, the board hanging behind the information counters near the first floor entrance shows numerous flights have been canceled. With the entire surrounding area covered in white and snow falling steadily everywhere, ...