Mudy on the Sakuban “Pavilion”

by Shawn Despres

Mudy on the Sakuban turned out an awesome showcase of their energetic instrumental rock during their 2008 appearance on Fuji Rock’s newcomer stage, Rookie A Go-Go. And while that year’s “Voi” EP was a good disc, it paled in comparison to how powerful the Nagoya quintet sounded in a live setting.

A better recording than “Voi” and 2009′s “Kidnie” EP, the group’s full-length debut, “Pavilion,” begins with the blistering “Moody Pavilion.” The track opens with a wave of fast-paced postpunk driven by the act’s three guitarists before delving into a stretch of math-rock that escalates into a heavy, noisy climax. It’s followed by lead single “Youth,” a multitextured, melodic cut that strikes a good balance between being angular and catchy. A trait found throughout the album, this along with the four-minute running time of much of the material makes Mudy on the Sakuban’s music more accessible than some of their like-minded peers.

A brief bout of background chanting is worked into the continually changing time signatures of “Sarliban.” It adds a psychedelic edge to the already varied sounds creating one of the best moments on “Pavilion.” Both “Sarliban” and frantic finale “Town” match Mudy on the Sakuban’s on-stage intensity and are destined to be concert favorites for the band’s growing legion of supporters.

Mudy on the Sakuban are gigging throughout Japan until June 6 in support of “Pavilion.’