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Review excerpt: Chef Koichi Hashimoto's creative cooking is like an interactive performance, in a setting that is always easygoing and relaxed. He offers only one tasting menu — a sophisticated multicourse meal that unfolds for up to three hours — and there is only ...

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Maison Bretonne

It has an easygoing neighborhood feel, and it stays open throughout the afternoon for anyone who wants to drop in for a snack -- just as a creperie would in France, and, indeed, as a traditional sobaya would in Japan.

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The interior of Eatrip is comfortably homespun, with simple, rustic accents, exposed ceiling timbers and an assortment of secondhand tables and chairs. There’s a short counter on one side looking into the small open kitchen. The dining room itself is split into two, with a ...

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Ahiru Store

Bread and wine: what a great combination. We cannot live on either alone, but put the two together -- along with an easygoing attitude and a tasty side menu of home-cooked snacks -- and that's the recipe that makes Ahiru Store one of our ...

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Each serving (¥950) includes five or six different kinds of soba. Some are fine and delicate, others chunkier, and several contain other ingredients, such as poppy seed or aoba (green perilla leaf) or lemon zest. Kasamuta arranges small portions of them in a hollowed-out ...

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Matsubara-an Keyaki

What makes Matsubara-an so popular — in both Harajuku and Kamakura — is the extensive menu of side dishes to delve into before your noodles arrive. Traditionalists will be happy to find classic sobaya (soba shop) snacks, from sashimi and chilled tofu to itawasa ...

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This excellent little hole-in-the-wall also doubles as a stand-up/take-out coffee counter. Barista Keitaro Suzuki is an alumnus of Shibuya’s highly rated Streamer Coffee and makes a mean flat white. But it’s the range of premium sandwiches that really makes Camelback such a welcome addition ...