2.4 km
Cucina Amano

Amano's cuisine covers the gamut of Italian styles, from hearty northern goulash-style stews to Sicilian- influenced smoked swordfish. Don't come looking for full-bodied, rib-sticking trattoria cooking, either. His food has a delicacy, clarity of flavor and attention to detail that would not be out ...

2.5 km
Thien Phuoc

Time and budget constraints preclude frequent flights to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. But a highly acceptable alternative is just to ride the subway down to Yotsuya Sanchome, to Thien Phuoc, one of the friendliest, funkiest Vietnamese eateries in all of Tokyo.

2.5 km
Pinsa de Roma

Pinsa de Roma is self-service. You line up at the counter, checking out the display case to see what the choices are. There are usually a dozen to choose from, with colorful combinations that would be unthinkable in a true-blue Neapolitan pizza shop: Smoked ...

2.5 km

Much more than just an eating place, Saikabo serves as an unofficial kimchi cultural center. It has a street-level retail store, where you can pick up half a dozen different kinds of kimchi as well as other staples brought in from South Korea.

2.5 km
Mi Choripan

his is the only place in the city devoted to the Argentinian street-food favorite known as choripan. Like a supersized version of a grilled Spanish chorizo sausage, it comes sandwiched between two halves of a small French loaf, loaded with toppings and a dollop ...

2.5 km

The starting point for the menu is Italian, anchored by a strong selection of gnocchi, risotto and handmade pasta. But there are plenty of other influences at play here, both Western and Japanese. Throughout, the cooking is light and attractive, with an emphasis on ...

2.5 km

Such is the enlightened policy of Fuglen, the newly opened Tokyo offshoot of one of Oslo's coolest coffee shops. It's in the back streets of Tomigaya, Shibuya Ward, on the site of the short-lived but equally stylish Koz Cafe. Not that you'd recognize it ...