2.2 km

Review excerpt: For the locals, Path is a breakfast pit stop, a place to gear up for the day with good coffee and even better pastries. At night Path really comes into its own, transforming into a proper sit-down, spend-the-evening restaurant.

2.3 km
The Harajuku Taproom

Essentially, the Harajuku Taproom is an izakaya tavern, specializing in kushi-yaki, grilled skewers of chicken and vegetables, rather than European pub grub. You order at your seat, and instead of paying upfront, as in a pub, here you settle up before leaving.

2.3 km

Owner-chef Koji Sato spent many years in Europe, working and traveling from Milan to London to Lisbon. Though he never actually lived or trained there, he has put together a remarkably extensive Portuguese menu, ranging from simple fishermen's fare to the hearty, meaty hot-pots ...

2.3 km
Yasaiya Mei

The vegetables, prominently arrayed by the entrance, come from contract farmers or its own market garden (there's a link on its Web site) and for the most part are organically grown. Each month Yasaiya Mei has a special feature.

2.4 km

This is not some hopeful approximation of a Western breakfast. This is the real thing prepared by kitchen staff who know how to get bacon crisp and eggs to just the right degree of fluffiness.

2.4 km

Review excerpt: At Tokyo's Sio, owner-chef Shusaku Toba is integrating strands into a cuisine that blends French and Italian with plenty of Japanese and other influences.

2.4 km
Casa Vecchia

Misaki spent a total of seven years honing his skills in Italy, predominantly in Rome, but also traveling from the foothills of the Alps down to the furthest tip of Sicily. During that time, he developed a brilliant repertoire of variations on the theme ...

2.4 km
Soi 7

Pronounced Soi Nana, and named after one of Bangkok's most colorful nightlife streets -- serves the standard gamut of curries, stir-fries and hawker foods. But everything is prepared with a hands-on, home-cooking feel.

2.4 km
Cucina Amano

Amano's cuisine covers the gamut of Italian styles, from hearty northern goulash-style stews to Sicilian- influenced smoked swordfish. Don't come looking for full-bodied, rib-sticking trattoria cooking, either. His food has a delicacy, clarity of flavor and attention to detail that would not be out ...