3.2 km
Umami Burger

Review excerpt: Instead of boosting the beef patties with artificial additives, more natural, umami-rich ingredients are used at Umami Burger, such as soy sauce and porcini mushrooms. The basic eponymous burger is served with shiitake, roast tomato and a crisp disk of Parmesan cheese.

3.3 km
On the Corner

Pancakes; muffins, eggs scrambled or sunny side up, with a great choice of trimmings; and, for the seriously famished, a Power Breakfast that means what it says: two eggs with country sausage, crispy bacon, grilled tomato, mashed potato, various veggies and cheese -- all ...

3.3 km
Le Bar a Vin 52

Review excerpt: When the new Atre mall opened in April outside Ebisu Station, most people’s eyes were fixed on the ground floor and the one-hour lines outside burger phenomenon Shake Shack’s eagerly awaited second Tokyo branch. But those in the know have been directing their ...

3.3 km
Un Cafe

The 3,400 yen set dinner comprises six separate courses, including two hors d'oeuvres (one hot, one cold); fish (currently pan-fried isaki); meat (roast lamb); then two separate desserts plus coffee. This must be one of the best bargains in the city.

3.3 km
Pappon Kitchen

The kitchen of this tiny one-counter Thai diner tucked away on the second floor of an anonymous building on the fringe of Shibuya is barely bigger than a phone booth. But the menu lists dozens of options, from stir-fries and spicy yam “salads” to ...

3.3 km

As the name implies (aburu means "to grill"), the specialty of the house is the shichirin. As soon as you sit down, one of these miniature braziers will be set in front of you. And apart from the initial appetizers — cabbage leaves which ...

3.3 km
Le Pré Verre

You can't call it a bistro; the dining room looks way too chic, and the food is several notches too sophisticated. By the same measure, it's not a wine bar either, despite the prominence of the glass-fronted cellar. So is it a full-fledged restaurant? ...