3.1 km
Gar Eden

The inspiration for the kitchen here is Italian. The antipasti list is brief, but there's a good range of pasta with several made fresh in-house each day. But these are mere preliminaries for the main event: pork (spare ribs or shoulder butt), chicken or ...

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The food is never the main reason for going to any beer garden. And although there it does feel rather institutional at times, Sekirei has much more to choose from than fries and chicken wings.

3.1 km

Unosato's strongest suit is its food. Seafood and seasonal vegetables predominate, just as you'd expect at any izakaya. But here it's all cooked and served with a little extra attention to quality and presentation. The sashimi is always worth ordering -- in fact nothing ...

3.2 km
Sumile TOKYO

Throughout, everything is prepared and presented very competently. Flavors are muted and portion sizes small -- that is to say, perfect for nibbling the evening away, rather than gourmandizing. It is best not to arrive too hungry.

3.2 km
Outback Steakhouse - Shibuya

One of The Outback's most popular menu items for weekend and holiday dinners is the prime rib set. The prime rib is slowly roasted at low heat and served in a thick cut, allowing customers to enjoy authentic, juicy American-style roast beef. To satisfy even ...

3.2 km
Cafe Kaila

The pancakes at the Tokyo outpost of Oahu's popular Cafe Kaila are indeed very good. They are light and fluffy but not at all vapid; they're incredibly filling and include a surprisingly generous amount of fruit.

3.2 km

They understand food here. It is inventive and, notwithstanding the modest portions, surprisingly satisfying. They call their approach "washoku creative," and with good reason. They have developed a host of interesting variations on Japanese izakaya standards, embellished with Chinese and European influences.

3.2 km
Umami Burger

Review excerpt: Instead of boosting the beef patties with artificial additives, more natural, umami-rich ingredients are used at Umami Burger, such as soy sauce and porcini mushrooms. The basic eponymous burger is served with shiitake, roast tomato and a crisp disk of Parmesan cheese.

3.3 km
On the Corner

Pancakes; muffins, eggs scrambled or sunny side up, with a great choice of trimmings; and, for the seriously famished, a Power Breakfast that means what it says: two eggs with country sausage, crispy bacon, grilled tomato, mashed potato, various veggies and cheese -- all ...