Artistic swimming

Formerly known as synchronized swimming, artistic swimming has been part of the Olympic program since the Los Angeles Games in 1984. Although solo competitions have taken place in past Olympics, the 2020 Games will only have duets and teams, which consist of eight swimmers. Both disciplines have a technical and free portion. During the technical performance, predetermined elements must be performed in a specified order. During the longer free program, there are no predetermined elements and swimmers can showcase more creativity with their choreography.

The female competitions are scored by three panels consisting of five judges each with one panel scoring on technical execution and a second judging on difficulty, presentation, choreography, music and synchronization. The third panel scores the predetermined elements.

In the free routine, one panel scores on execution, synchronization and difficulty, while a second scores on musical interpretation, presentation and synchronization. The third panel focuses on difficulty.

Artistic swimming events will run from Aug. 2 to 7.

Venue and access information

The Tokyo Aquatics Centre, which has been newly constructed for the 2020 Games and has a capacity of 15,000, will host the swimming, diving and artistic swimming events. The venue is about 10 minutes from Tatsumi Station on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line and about 20 minutes from Shin-Kiba Station, which is served by several lines. The bus can also be used with the center being about five minutes away from the Renhashi-minamizume bus stop, on Toei Bus Koto 01.

Artistic Swimming
Aug 2 | 19:30-21:45
Tokyo Aquatics Centre
Duet Free Routine Preliminary

Aug 3 | 19:30-21:30
Tokyo Aquatics Centre
Duet Technical Routine

Aug 4 | 19:30-21:05
Tokyo Aquatics Centre
Duet Free Routine Final
Duet Victory Ceremony

Aug 6 | 19:30-20:35
Tokyo Aquatics Centre
Team Technical Routine

Aug 7 | 19:30-21:15
Tokyo Aquatics Centre
Team Free Routine
Team Victory Ceremony