News and reviews from the world of Japan’s embattled restaurant industry:

Which Are The Best Restaurants in Asia? — Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2021
Which Are The Best Restaurants in Asia? — Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2021
  • Four times named Tokyo Ramen of the Year, Chuka Soba Tomita it’s a legend among ramen heads — albeit more often spoken about than actually visited as it’s located an hour out from central Tokyo. Help is at hand for those living too far away, however, thanks to its online store, writes Robbie Swinnerton.
  • Spare a thought for specialist restaurants that serve multi-course omakase (tasting menu) meals. As they’re now required to close early, dinners that might normally take two hours-plus require start times that are totally impractical. But you can help stores like Tokyo’s Tenoshima — and try their high-end dishes at lower prices — by ordering online, writes Swinnerton.
  • Whether you are a longtime vegan, are allergic to dairy products, or are just curious about finding plant-based versions of your favorite sweets, Chiara Terzuolo presents five Tokyo vegan-friendly dessert shops — chosen for their quality and satisfying indulgence — that are sure to hit the spot.