What we’re gonna do right here is go back — way back — back into Japanese history:

  • Think hanami’s all over for this year with the end of cherry blossom season? It really doesn’t have to be. As Mark Schreiber notes in Big in Japan, blossom viewing traditionally began with plum, then cherry, azalea and finally chrysanthemum in autumn.
  • A gifted child’s talents go to waste due to his ethnicity. Falling into a life of despair, he lashes out in deadly revenge. How would his case be treated nearly 100 years later? Michael Hoffman tells the tale of Myles Fukunaga and Japanese migration to Hawaii.
10 Fascinating Facts About the Ainu | TOP TENZ
10 Fascinating Facts About the Ainu | TOP TENZ
  • Far, far to the north, there once loomed a shadowy, misty, savage land called Ezo. There, the native Ainu thrived on a hunting-gathering economy that persisted almost unchanged over thousands of years. It wasn’t to last, writes Hoffman.
  • After buying a haul of 300 family photos from 1930s-to-1960s Japan in at a flea market in Australia, one Japanese-Australian artist has spent her time in lockdown digitizing the lost memories and trying to reunite them with their owners.
  • And finally, read all about it in Japan Times Gone By: Crown Prince Hirohito urges peace to the world! Rebuilt Hiroshima to be best city in the Orient! Kawasaki scraps clause against hiring foreigners! And, stinky Japanese hippie barred from plane!