With Tokyo under a third state of emergency, now may not be the best time to eat out, but here are some capital options for take-out treats, or to bookmark for a brighter day:

British & Japanese people swap snacks | BUZZFEED VIDEO
British & Japanese people swap snacks | BUZZFEED VIDEO
  • Burger Police is the coronavirus-inspired bistro offspring of the well-known restaurant Tacubo, and it serves a gourmet burger like no other, pared back to the simplest of no-frills basics, writes Swinnerton. Got a guess how it got its name?
  • Tantanmen in Japan is less tethered to the dish’s Sichuan heritage, leaving room for innovation. Florentyna Leow offers up five tantanmen restaurants in the capital worth the tongue-tingling spice.
  • In the latest 20 Questions, Seth Sulkin, CEO of real estate developer Pacifica Capital, tells David Cortez about his first internet startup — a gourmet food-delivery service called Food-e that couriers meals to homes from high-class Tokyo restaurants. Good-e!