With many cinemas in areas under Japan’s state of emergency cautiously reopening, here are some films — and a play — showing now at theaters:

  • Yukiko Shinohara’s vulnerable character is put through the wringer, dealing with one disaster after another in “The Women.” But all is not lost in Nobuteru Uchida’s latest drama, writes Mark Schilling.
  • In “Tomorrow’s Dinner Table,” there’s triple the trouble, as a trio of women are served an overwhelming helping of drama. Mitsuki Takahata is the standout in Takahisa Zeze’s uneven drama about the struggles of modern moms, writes James Hadfield.
'Hokusai' official trailer | HOKUSAI
‘Hokusai’ official trailer | HOKUSAI
  • In “Hokusai,” Hajime Hashimoto’s sprawling biopic of Japan’s most famous painter, Yuya Yagira plays a young Katsushika Hokusai while Min Tanaka delivers a vibrant performance as the artist in his later years, writes Schilling.
  • Sex is a dirty family business in actor-turned-director Jiro Sato’s “Brothers in Brothel.” Although it doesn’t always transcend its stage origins, “Brothers” delivers a resounding jolt, and suggests that Sato ought to try this kind of thing more often, writes Hadfield.
  • Speaking of the stage, “The Tempest: Swimming for Beginners” incorporates Shakespeare, the real-life experiences of its cast members with disabilities, and the challenges of living through a pandemic, writes Nobuko Tanaka. But hurry: Its run in Tokyo ends Sunday.