A catch-up on news and features from the world of Japanese fashion, from the fast end to the slow and sustainable:

Slash x Ash – Episode 1
Slash x Ash – Episode 1 | FLJ TOKYO
  • The country’s over-20s are embracing cute clothing in a subversive push against adulthood, writes Samuel Thomas in On Fashion. Meanwhile, a new brand aims to make it possible to go from bedroom to office without changing your jacket.
  • A designer in Vienna, Shuzo Matsuhashi is getting a boost from the Swarovski Foundation to further his crafts-inspired vision of fashion. And it all started when he found a business card in an old suit, he tells Danielle Demetriou.
  • Albion “Ash” Hudson’s Conart streetwear brand defined the fashion of many rappers in the 1990s. His designs are now popping up on new acts such as Travis Scott and BTS, writes Matt Kaufman, who caught up with Hudson in Tokyo, his new home.