It’s no use, captain — the global rise of manga and anime appears unstoppable! And here are five stories that illustrate just that:

  • All hail the “Demon Slayer”: The anime film based on the manga series on Monday became the first movie in Japan to top ¥40 billion in box-office revenue. That’s over ¥8 billion more than the previous all-time box-office king earned, and counting.
  • Long gone are the days of Japanese anime and live-action content being considered a niche market in the States. Bloomberg reports on how the appetite for foreign-produced content — especially Japanese — in the U.S. has mushroomed in the pandemic.
Thank you, Kentaro Miura. | ANIME CULTURE CORNER
Thank you, Kentaro Miura. | ANIME CULTURE CORNER
  • “No other shōnen manga … has so vividly integrated the gritty social atmosphere of the past decade.” That’s high praise from one critic for a best-selling humans-vs.-man-eating-giants series that ended its 12-year run in April, drawing a torrent of emotion from fans.
  • The boom in popularity of the manga series “Jujutsu Kaisen” has made a temple in Gifu Prefecture the latest magnet for fans eager to visit a site associated with their favorite cursed spirit. Just wait until they open the borders and the movie comes out.
  • News of the death of “Berserk” manga-ka Kentaro Miura shocked the global fan community last week. Praised for its intricate illustrations, “Berserk” has been cited as an inspiration by numerous creators of comics and video games around the world.