The Tokyo Olympics are reaching the point of no return, Bloomberg reports, with top stakeholders gambling political reputations and billions of dollars on staging a games that could lift global spirits and show how we might begin a return to normality.

On one hand, resistance in Japan to the Olympics is showing signs of easing — and, on cue, the U.S. has eased its travel advisory for the country with less than two months to go until the opening ceremony.

On the health front, the games look set to secure adequate levels of medical staff, although first aid for spectators may be delivered via nurses directed by doctors working remotely.

Should Japan cancel the Tokyo Olympics? | STREET POLL | ASIAN BOSS
Should Japan cancel the Tokyo Olympics? | STREET POLL | ASIAN BOSS

At the same time, places for local fans to gather are dwindling, with some locations that were supposed to host public screenings repurposed as vaccination sites or shuttered altogether, Ryusei Takahashi reports. Journalists covering the games, meanwhile, will be kept on a tight electronic leash.

On Monday, a senior Japan Olympic Committee official threw himself in front of a train in Tokyo, although the motive for the apparent suicide is unclear. In a commentary, a JOC executive board member questions why, and for whom, the games are being pushed through during the pandemic — and whether the Tokyo Games mean anything if the Olympic spirit is absent.