The government said Tuesday it will fix a COVID-19 vaccine booking system fault that allowed reservations to be made using nonexistent application numbers. The announcement came a day after the government started accepting online bookings for older people to receive shots at large Self-Defense Forces-staffed centers in Tokyo and Osaka.

A number of local governments across Japan are also working to set up similar large-scale vaccination centers to speed things up, such as at stadiums and abandoned schools, although some municipalities fear such moves could sow confusion.

The central government is also considering allowing pharmacists to administer vaccines, if the addition of dentists and SDF personnel proves not to be enough.

Older people visit a mass vaccination center in Nagoya last week. | KYODO
Older people visit a mass vaccination center in Nagoya last week. | KYODO

New COVID-19 fatalities nationwide totaled 216 on Tuesday, but that figure was inflated by 121 deaths that had not been disclosed by the municipal government in Kobe.

Osaka became the first prefecture to record over 2,000 total deaths, but new cases there and in Tokyo were significantly down from last Tuesday.

Yesterday’s (and last Tuesday’s) new COVID-19 cases nationwide: 5,230 (6,360). By prefecture (100 or over; bold indicates rise over last week): Tokyo 732 (925), Aichi 539 (578), Hokkaido 533 (421), Osaka 509 (974), Fukuoka 346 (404), Hyogo 249 (377), Kanagawa 248 (277), Hiroshima 196 (124), Saitama 186 (278), Okinawa 168 (132), Gifu 140 (126), Okayama 130 (133), Kyoto 106 (116), Kumamoto 100 (117). Source: Japan COVID-19 Coronavirus Tracker