Osaka Prefecture said Tuesday it will ask the government to extend its COVID-19 emergency until around June 20, a move likely to have a knock-on effect on eight other prefectures also under a state of emergency set to end Monday, Eric Johnston reports.

On Monday, the U.S. (nearly 14,000 new cases that day) strengthened its travel advisory for Japan (2,743 new cases that day), warning Americans not to travel to the country due to its “very high level” of COVID-19, Ryusei Takahashi reports.

Japan, meanwhile, said Tuesday it would extend its quarantine period from six days to 10 days for travelers who have recently been to South Asia, amid growing concerns over the India coronavirus variant.

U.S. advises against travel to Japan due to COVID-19 | REUTERS
U.S. advises against travel to Japan due to COVID-19 | REUTERS

And as municipalities grapple with shortages of staff to give COVID-19 vaccinations, the government says emergency medics and clinical lab technicians will be tapped to join the effort, Tomohiro Osaki reports.

And finally, a government adviser quit Monday following a backlash over tweets downplaying the latest coronavirus wave to hit Japan as a “ripple” and laughing off calls for the Olympics to be canceled.

Yesterday’s (and last Tuesday’s) new COVID-19 cases nationwide: 3,899 (5,230). By prefecture (100 or over; bold indicates rise over last week): Tokyo 542 (732), Hokkaido 459 (533), Aichi 417 (539), Osaka 327 (509), Okinawa 256 (168), Kanagawa 200 (248), Fukuoka 199 (346), Hyogo 139 (249), Hiroshima 131 (196), Saitama 128 (186), Ishikawa 101 (43). Source: Japan COVID-19 Coronavirus Tracker