Play reveals <em>manzai'</em>s U.S. roots

Stage May 25, 2012

Play reveals manzai's U.S. roots

by Edan Corkill

Watching the fast-paced, two-person manzai routines that characterize much of Japanese TV comedy these days, it's difficult to imagine that two key influences on that genre's birth were stars of cinema's silent era: Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chaplin. It's also difficult to imagine that Yoshimoto ...

Can showbiz really sever yakuza ties?

National / Media | MEDIA MIX Jan 22, 2012

Can showbiz really sever yakuza ties?

by Philip Brasor

Last August, comedian and TV emcee Shinsuke Shimada retired from show business following allegations that he'd been palling around with an underworld figure. His withdrawal came on the eve of the implementation of a well-publicized police crackdown on organizations that work with antisocial elements, ...

Yoshimoto Kogyo: Entertaining the nation

Reference | EXPLAINER May 18, 2010

Yoshimoto Kogyo: Entertaining the nation

by Alex K.T. Martin

One would have to be a hermit, literally shut off from all media, to avoid exposure in Japan to the comedians and other entertainers managed by Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., the nation's oldest and arguably most powerful entertainment agency. Besides appearing on the numerous television variety ...

Yoshimoto's strategy no laughing matter

National Sep 14, 2009

Yoshimoto's strategy no laughing matter

Being listed may be a huge benefit for startups and young companies that want to get their name in the public eye or hope to gather funds from the market. But for talent agency Yoshimoto Kogyo Co. — known as the king of the comedy ...

National Jan 5, 2005

Veep takes Yoshimoto Kogyo helm

Entertainment service provider Yoshimoto Kogyo Co. picked Vice President Isao Yoshino as its president Tuesday after Chairman Hiroaki Hayashi died Monday at age 62, company officials said. Its board of directors will meet Wednesday to finalize the appointment, they said. Yoshino, also 62, was destined ...

Business Nov 22, 2002

Mitsui ties with Yoshimoto Kogyo

Trading house Mitsui & Co. said Thursday it has tied up with Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., a leading entertainment production group, to produce and sell "shochu" distilled spirits. The companies will make new shochu using the skills of traditional distilleries in Kyushu, and the process will ...

Yoshimoto's talent for comedy

Community May 20, 2001

Yoshimoto's talent for comedy

by Kimio Ida

There was a time when parents in Osaka used to scold their kids by threatening, "I will send you to Yoshimoto!" if they were fooling around. Today, though, Yoshimoto Kogyo Co. has become Japan's largest entertainment agency, and most parents would be happy if ...