Small, sporty motorcycles hot items

Business Jul 9, 2013

Small, sporty motorcycles hot items

The domestic motorcycle market is showing signs of pulling out of the prolonged doldrums as sporty, easy-to-maneuver machines, with an engine displacement of 250cc, are attracting young people, including women. Sales of new 125cc and bigger motorcycles totaled some 106,000 units in 2012, up 14.9 ...

Lifestyle | WEEK 3 Jun 15, 2008

Space modules for the space-challenged

by Edan Corkill

According to the latest Japanese government statistics (from 2003), the average Tokyo apartment that is home to a four-person family allows them a measly 36.5 sq. meters to live in. That's just a bit more than a large shipping container. For comparison's sake: The average ...