National Nov 14, 2012

Weekly's Hashimoto slur ousts Asahi exec

The president of the publisher of the weekly Shukan Asahi has quit over an article that cast Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto's family background in a negative light. Mitsuru Shinozaki, now acting president of Asahi Shimbun Publications Inc., visited Osaka City Hall and offered "deep apologies" ...

Can showbiz really sever yakuza ties?

National / Media | MEDIA MIX Jan 22, 2012

Can showbiz really sever yakuza ties?

by Philip Brasor

Last August, comedian and TV emcee Shinsuke Shimada retired from show business following allegations that he'd been palling around with an underworld figure. His withdrawal came on the eve of the implementation of a well-publicized police crackdown on organizations that work with antisocial elements, ...

Books / Reviews Oct 18, 2009

Classic tales of newsprint noir

by Mark Schreiber

While a senior at Tokyo's Sophia University, 23-year-old Missouri native Jake Adelstein was heading home from a Shinjuku cinema when, on a whim, he dropped into a game arcade and popped ¥100 into the slot of a fortunetelling robot for some mystical career advice.

National / Crime & Legal Sep 11, 2004

Warrant out for mobster in pachinko kidnapping

Police have obtained an arrest warrant for a man with underworld connections who is suspected of helping to kidnap a pachinko parlor employee in Osaka Prefecture last week, officials said Friday. Local police said the man is in his 30s, but did not reveal his ...