Editorials Oct 17, 2014

Promoting women at work

Draft legislation prepared by the Abe administration would require large companies as well as the national and local governments to set targets for promoting women in their organizations, beginning in fiscal 2016.

Editorials Jul 30, 2014

Aiming for more women managers

The government and businesses need to get to the bottom of why the gender gap remains so steep in Japan and remove the glass ceiling blocking the rise of women.

Editorials Jul 19, 2014

Ingrained ideas on gender roles

A recent poll of men and women 20 to 40 years old by a Japanese research institute finds that a surprising 40 percent of the respondents believe husbands should work full time while wives stay at home — despite Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's push ...

National Jan 12, 2014

Service helps new moms juggle kids and careers

by Junji Yamaguchi

After seeing many of her friends and colleagues abandon promising careers for motherhood, Keiko Koda was inspired to find a way to help professionals stay on the corporate path after having children. In 2009, she founded AsMama Inc. to lend a hand to these women. Since ...