Taiji Whale Museum quits aquarium body over dolphin hunt ban

National Sep 8, 2015

Taiji Whale Museum quits aquarium body over dolphin hunt ban

The whale museum in the town of Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture, has withdrawn from the national aquarium industry body in protest at its ban on accepting dolphins captured in drive hunts, museum officials said Tuesday. The Taiji Whale Museum, which keeps around 40 live dolphins and ...

National May 28, 2015

Record-low 19 minke whales hunted off Tohoku coast

A nonprofit organization engaging in coastal whaling said it hunted 19 minke whales off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture this year, the lowest number since the whaling for research purposes started there in 2003. Toshihiro Mogoe, who led the whaling team, also said Wednesday the ...

Taiji dolphin culls dealt setback

National Apr 25, 2015

Taiji dolphin culls dealt setback

by Rob Gilhooly

The world’s leading zoo organization announces it has lost patience with Japan’s continued use of dolphins from the fisheries drives at Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture, and suspends its Japanese member from its roster.

Modern technology aids whale research

Environment | WILD WATCH Jan 10, 2015

Modern technology aids whale research

by Mark Brazil

In my last column of 2014, "Twelve ways to spend 2015 with nature," I mentioned the possibility of taking a whale-watching trip to the Ogasawara Islands. Ignore the international media hype about the country's pelagic whaling industry — it's a dying custom; instead, focus ...

World Aug 8, 2014

California cargo ships to slow for whales under new program

The massive container ships passing through the Santa Barbara Channel off the coast of Southern California will be paid a bonus of $2,500 per trip to slow down, in an effort to cut off-shore air pollution and reduce collisions with whales. The four-month pilot program ...

World / Science & Health Oct 8, 2013

Report links sonar to whale stranding

by Lenny Bernstein

The mysterious stranding of about 100 melon-headed whales in a shallow Madagascar lagoon in 2008 set off a rapid international response — a few of the 3-4-meter-long marine mammals were rescued, necropsies conducted, a review panel formed. Did they follow prey into the lagoon? Were ...