National Dec 5, 2014

Advocate urges U.N. to tap disabled when prepping for disasters

Akiko Fukuda, secretary-general of the World Federation of the Deafblind, pressed the international community at the United Nations this week to include the perspectives of the disabled when devising disaster-preparedness plans. "Up to this point people with disabilities are the target of programs but from ...

U2's Bono says glaucoma is reason for trademark sunglasses

World / Offbeat Oct 18, 2014

U2's Bono says glaucoma is reason for trademark sunglasses

U2 frontman Bono has revealed the mystery behind his trademark sunglasses: The Irish rocker has glaucoma. Bono told British TV chat show host Graham Norton he had suffered from the condition for two decades, according to a preview clip released on Friday ahead of the ...

Visually impaired man reaching new heights

National Jun 3, 2014

Visually impaired man reaching new heights

by Shinji Maruta

Unlike many free climbers, Koichiro Kobayashi does not consider the view from the top to be the highlight of scaling a cliff. Unable to enjoy such vistas due to a severe visual impairment, Kobayashi, 46, feels a sense of achievement from completing a task that ...

National Dec 5, 2013

Citing complaints, agency cautions about Lasik

The Consumer Affairs Agency has received 80 health-related complaints, including loss of vision, linked to laser eye surgery since fiscal 2009, the agency revealed Wednesday, urging caution when considering the treatment. Lasik treatment is used to reshape the cornea to correct farsightedness and astigmatism, but ...