World Jan 3, 2020

How African countries left their colonizers

A wave of sub-Saharan African countries became independent in the 1960s, 17 achieving self-rule from colonial Belgium, Britain and France in 1960 alone. Portugal's colonies would only break free in the 1970s and it took other nations, such as Eritrea, even longer to re-establish their ...

Business / Tech Sep 19, 2019

African star tech startup lays off hundreds of junior developers

Major African tech start-up Andela sacked hundreds of its staff this week — the majority from Nigeria — in one of the largest layoffs in the continent's budding tech industry. The start-up, backed by hundreds of millions of dollars from investors including Facebook and tennis ...

Hero French pilot in Entebbe hijacking dies aged 95

World Mar 28, 2019

Hero French pilot in Entebbe hijacking dies aged 95

A French pilot hailed for bravery during a hijacking drama targeting Jews on an Air France flight in 1976 has died aged 95, his son told AFP on Wednesday. Michel Bacos was flying from Tel Aviv to Paris when Palestinian and German radicals hijacked the ...