Editorials Dec 11, 2009

The child allowance

An allowance for each child up to the third grade at middle school is a main promise in the Democratic Party of Japan's election manifesto. The party plans to make the monthly ¥26,000 allowance a permanent measure. The Hatoyama administration plans to give half ...

Commentary / World Dec 4, 2008

Mumbai terrorist attacks are a wakeup call

by Harsh V. Pant

LONDON — India was a victim of terrorism long before the twin towers in New York collapsed on Sept. 11, 2001. But as the global "war on terror" continues, India has experienced increasingly lethal terrorism. The sheer scale, scope and audacity of the latest ...

Commentary / World Aug 8, 2008

Green efforts before Games deserve praise

by Achim Steiner

BEIJING — Images of the Beijing skyline seemingly bathed in a soup of smog and haze have been a common sight on the world's TV screens in recent days and weeks. Foreign journalists with hand-held air pollution detectors have been popping up on street ...