Commentary / World Aug 27, 2007

Intolerance mars climate change debate

by Christopher Lingle

NEW DELHI — What's up with journalists in the mainstream media? In most cases, they tend to be unconditional supporters of free expression and strive to report on controversial views. However, reporting on issues relating to global warming has become strikingly one-sided. With no need ...

Commentary Jul 30, 2007

Blame game since Lockerbie

by Gwynne Dyer

LONDON — Libya is the land of make-believe, and from a safe distance it can seem comical. The 65-year-old teenager who runs the place, Col. Moammar Gadhafi, has an even stronger commitment to fashion than my 15-year-old daughter (although she has much better taste). ...

Commentary Jul 12, 2007

China's 'patriotic' church

by Frank Ching

HONG KONG — The Vatican, through a pastoral letter from Pope Benedict XVI to the 12 million Catholics in China, has called for reconciliation between the so-called patriotic church, which operates independently from the Holy See, and the underground church, which recognizes the supremacy ...