Editorials Jan 14, 2014

Leave those kids alone

The education ministry should rethink its attempt to introduce "morals" as an official subject of instruction in elementary and junior high schools.

Editorials Dec 17, 2013

Misguided focus on test results

Reversing its traditional position, the education ministry has decided to let municipal boards of education publicize the results for individual schools in the achievement tests taken by sixth and ninth graders nationwide. An even worse obsession with test scores could follow.

Future teachers get prepped for foreign pupils

National | CHUBU CONNECTION Nov 29, 2013

Future teachers get prepped for foreign pupils

A lot of teachers have a tough time teaching children of foreign nationalities due to the language barrier and cultural differences. To equip future teachers with the necessary skills to deal with this kind of situation, Aichi Prefectural University has started offering a training program ...

Editorials Oct 27, 2013

Taketomi Town's prerogative

The education ministry has cherry-picked a provision of the Local Autonomy Law to try to justify its order to compel a town in the Yaeyama Islands to adopt a textbook for junior high schools.

National Oct 18, 2013

Teachers logged 95.5 hours OT in October 2012

Teachers at elementary and secondary schools averaged of 95½ hours of overtime last October, up 10 hours from a decade earlier, a teachers' union survey said Thursday. The poll by the All Japan Teachers and Staff Union, known as Zenkyo, covered teachers with regular and ...