South Korean provincial governor visits disputed islets

/ Jan 25, 2017

South Korean provincial governor visits disputed islets

Drawing protest from Tokyo, the governor of a South Korean province visited a pair of disputed islets claimed by Japan on Wednesday, according to his Facebook page. Kim Kwan-yong is the governor of North Gyeongsang province, which has jurisdiction over the South Korea-administered islets known ...

Oct 12, 2016

Seoul to post marines near Japan-claimed Takeshima

South Korea's Marine Corps Command plans to station a combat unit on the eastern island of Ulleung from 2018 in a bid to help deal with North Korea's military threats, the military command said in a report to parliament on Tuesday. The plan appears to ...

/ Jan 22, 2016

South Korea raps Japan's renewed claim over disputed islets

South Korea on Friday rapped Japan for renewing its territorial claim over a pair of South Korea-controlled islets in the Sea of Japan. South Korea's Foreign Ministry issued a statement criticizing Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida for making remarks repeating Japan's claim to the Takeshima ...