Nov 6, 2017

South Korean 'suicide' jumper kills man on landing

A South Korean man was killed after a woman who apparently committed suicide by jumping from an apartment block landed on him, reports said. The 68-year-old man was on his way to work in Seoul when the woman, aged 56, leapt from the 13th floor ...

Jan 20, 2017

Suicides in Japan drop to 22-year low in 2016

The number of suicides in Japan decreased to 21,764 last year — the lowest level in 22 years, the National Police Agency said in a preliminary report released Friday. A Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry official attributed the decline to stronger localized efforts after a ...

'Pokemon Go' players deter suicides in Fukui

Sep 30, 2016

'Pokemon Go' players deter suicides in Fukui


Another unintentional side effect of "Pokemon Go" fever has emerged — and it's not in the form of traffic violations or accidents. Instead, the smartphone app is playing a positive role at one of the nation's notorious suicide spots, discouraging people from killing themselves. The atmosphere ...