State subsidies in works for regional train upgrades

Aug 26, 2017

State subsidies in works for regional train upgrades

The transport ministry plans to give regional railways subsidies to offset the cost of replacing or refurbishing their aging train cars, ministry sources said. To establish a fund for the subsidy project, which will eventually total ¥1.05 billion, the ministry will make a budget request ...

Dairy industry likely to get more aid after EPA deal with EU

Jul 6, 2017

Dairy industry likely to get more aid after EPA deal with EU

Japan is expected to boost subsidies and other assistance to dairy farmers after reaching a broad accord on its economic partnership agreement with the European Union, informed sources say. The two sides struck the deal at bilateral ministerial talks in Brussels on Wednesday by resolving ...

Apr 24, 2017

Government may pull plug on a quarter of clean-energy projects

About a quarter of all approved clean-energy projects in Japan may no longer qualify for government incentives after failing to meet a deadline to secure grid access, according to preliminary estimates from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. About 456,000 projects totaling 27.7 gigawatts ...

/ Sep 23, 2016

Political parties used 20% less of their subsidies in 2015

Total spending of state subsidies by 10 of Japan's political parties sank 19.8 percent to about ¥26 billion in 2015, the internal affairs ministry disclosed in a report Friday. The year-on-year drop occurred after spending on election-related expenses plunged 62.3 percent to around ¥3.3 billion. Each ...

Apr 25, 2016

Emergency subsidies OK'd for rebuilding in quake-hit Kyushu

The government on Monday designated the series of powerful earthquakes that have rocked Kyushu as a disaster of "extreme severity," paving the way for affected communities to receive increased subsidies for recovery efforts. The designation allows the central government to offer additional financial assistance to ...