Editorials Sep 7, 2017

Unauthorized cord blood treatments

The recent arrests over alleged unauthorized stem cell therapies using blood collected from umbilical cords and placentas has shed light on the shady aspects of these expensive treatments.

National / Science & Health Feb 20, 2015

Researchers create stem cell-derived retina tissue

A Japanese team of researchers has developed a method of creating three-dimensional retinal tissue from human embryonic stem cells, according to a study published on Thursday in an electronic edition of British science journal Nature Communications. The research team at the Kobe-based Riken Center for ...

National / Science & Health Feb 6, 2015

Hospital pioneers Magneto-style stem cell surgery

In a world first, a team at Hiroshima University Hospital on Friday conducted regenerative knee surgery using a technique that employs magnets to concentrate iron-laced stem cells around damaged cartilage, it said. The endoscopic surgery is less arduous for the patient, said the team led ...