Secrecy law creates ruckus over guidelines

National | FOCUS Sep 22, 2014

Secrecy law creates ruckus over guidelines

by Noriyuki Suzuki

With less than three months to go until the contentious secrecy law takes effect in December, Japan faces the daunting task of finding the right balance between national security and the public's right to know. The law will toughen the penalties for leaking state secrets, ...

Editorials Jun 9, 2014

Creeping Orwellian angst

Legislative attempts to criminalize the act of "conspiracy" to commit some crimes as well as other government moves are enough to cause anxiety that Japan may be inching toward an Orwellian society.

National / Politics Apr 23, 2014

U.S. expert urges appeals process for Abe secrecy law

by Mariko De Freytas

An American expert on classification policy has said that Japan's recently enacted secrecy law lacks proper checks and balances that are necessary to prevent bureaucratic overreach and ensure government accountability. Speaking in a recent interview, Thomas Blanton, director of the National Security Archive at George ...

Commentary / Japan Feb 4, 2014

Abe's reactionary leadership

by Hugh Cortazzi

The Japanese government has so far failed to give meaningful reassurances about how the reactionary and potentially dangerous state secrets law, rammed through the Japanese Diet in December, will operate.

National Dec 30, 2013

Bureaucrats can be punished if state secrets leak during cyberattacks

Civil servants placed in charge of information management could be punished under the newly enacted secrecy law if secrets leak due to cyberattacks, an internal government document said Monday. The document, compiled in November 2011, is a record of discussions between the Foreign Ministry and ...

National / Crime & Legal Dec 28, 2013

Protester charged over Diet shoe toss

A protester has been indicted for hurling a shoe at the floor of the House of Councilors during deliberations on the state secrecy law just before it was enacted earlier this month. The Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office on Friday charged Kenichi Iwahashi, a temp ...