Editorials Mar 19, 2014

Riken's credibility on the line

The prestigious government-backed Riken Research Institute finds itself in the awkward spot of defending its credibility as a science institute after "grave errors" were found in two recent papers describing a possible new method for creating pluripotent stem cells.

National / Science & Health Mar 16, 2014

Obokata to withdraw much-maligned thesis on stem cells

Haruko Obokata, the lead author of papers on allegedly groundbreaking stem-cell research, has expressed her intention to withdraw the doctoral thesis she submitted to Waseda University, an official at the college said. In an email to a faculty member at the university, Obokata, a researcher ...

Stem cell papers had 'grave errors'

National Mar 14, 2014

Stem cell papers had 'grave errors'

by Masaaki Kameda

The president of the government-backed Riken institute admitted Friday there were "grave errors" in two papers produced by its researchers on a possible method to create pluripotent stem cells but wouldn't say whether the alleged irregularities were intentional. Separately Friday, Haruko Obokata, lead author of ...

Editorials Mar 12, 2014

Was breakthrough premature?

Questions and suspicions have challenged the validity of a Japanese scientific paper that reported in January on a method for reprogramming body tissue cells into stem cells by simply exposing them to acidic liquids.

Editorials Feb 3, 2014

New horizon in stem-cell research

A team of scientists led by 30-year-old Dr. Haruko Obokata has challenged the established theory in biology that it is impossible to reprogram specialized cells to become stem cells without tampering with cell nuclei.

Trials, errors, but expert kept chin up

National / Science & Health Jan 30, 2014

Trials, errors, but expert kept chin up

On her path to success, 30-year-old Haruko Obokata, who began experimenting on stem cells in 2008 while conducting research at Harvard University toward a scientific breakthrough, had to face rejection and criticism. The criticism of the results of the study that were published in the ...